EquiTeam Featured in Award-Winning Film: Screening Debut September 7

YORK, PA, August 12, 2019─On September 7 the Capital Theatre is showing a premiere local screening of the award-winning documentary, “A Journey Back to Normal.” The film takes a look at complementary therapies that combat PTSD and aims to create awareness about healing for veterans and their families. Featured in the film is the Dallastown-based equine therapy provider EquiTeam Support Services, along with two other nontraditional therapy programs.

Describing EquiTeam’s equine therapy services, a 24-year old USMC veteran says,  “I was surprised at how horses are so instrumental in the equine therapy work. They are so intuitive in how they connect with each individual’s needs. When I was with the horse one on one, I became so relaxed that I experienced a tranquil meditative state, the complete opposite of my usual hyper-vigilance.”

Using equine-assisted therapy, EquiTeam helps those who deal with PTSD, trauma, addictions and other challenges, as well as at-risk youth and families in need. The organization is an official EAGALA* Military Services Provider. Its life-changing therapies, led by certified/licensed practitioners, have helped many clients break unhealthy cycles and achieve a better quality of life.

“We are so excited to share the hope and results this documentary represents for our military and their families with our own community,” says Executive Director Ellie Williams. “Not only does it showcase the work we do here in Dallastown, but it also introduces other paths to healing for veterans across the country. We are honored to be included in this film.”

Thanks to a sponsorship by Springtime, Inc., which supplies natural supplements for dogs, horses and people, anyone who wishes to attend the screening may do so at no cost by reservation. Introducing the screening will be Ellie Williams, Executive Director of EquiTeam, and Terry Gendron, Director of Veterans Affairs for York County. Immediately following the film, a question and answer session will be held.

*EAGALA is the global standard for equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development

EquiTeam Support Services is a non-profit, outpatient therapy organization, providing therapeutic services in South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. Its aim is to improve the psychological and emotional health and well-being of individuals, families, and groups. Using horses as teacher-guides, its certified/ licensed professionals interact with clients, of all ages, to foster self-motivation, communication and self-expression.

The organization’s highly effective therapies achieve results utilizing the EAGALA Model (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association). These powerful and effective approaches have an incredible impact on participants. EquiTeam is one of only eleven organizations in more than 700 EAGALA programs worldwide that has been awarded the Distinguished Program Member designation; it is also a recognized official EAGALA Military Services Provider.

EquiTeam has expanded its scope of therapeutic programs to include additional specialized treatments, such as Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP) and Neurofeedback services.