Empowering Individuals with Autism at EquiTeam

To meet the increasing demand of services for children on the autism spectrum, EquiTeam created a program utilizing “The Horse Boy*” method to effectively treat all children on the spectrum. It is the only program offered by EquiTeam that can involve riding (when appropriate), and it is kept separate from all of our other programs.

It is a three-stage process that:

  1. creates the right environment for the child
  2. addresses sensory issues
  3. allows for perspective-taking and academics to be learned from the saddle

What is the Horse-Boy Method?

The Horse Boy Method was pioneered by Rupert Isaacson, his autistic son Rowan, and their Quarter Horse Mare, Betsy. In 2007 Rupert, his wife, Kristin, and Rowan rode across Mongolia together – a journey that became the book and film, “The Horse Boy.” Subsequently, the Horse Boy Method has helped hundreds of families find incredible results in terms of sensory healing and direct communication with the exterior world.

Our certified “Horse-Boy” riding professional rides double with smaller children, and assists from the ground with older clients.

EquiTeam provides a “yes environment” (redirection and clear communication to avoid saying the word “no,” which is often used in the autism world) to address these three core behavioral challenges of children on the autism spectrum:

  1. repetitive behaviors
  2. social deficits
  3. language abnormalities

EquiTeam’s goal is to provide an environment in which families dealing with autism can find respite from man-made and industrial stimuli – which are known triggers for chronic episodes, seizures and tantrums of an individual with autism. The therapy promotes communication and teaches skills for looking at situations in new ways.

The bottom line is that the Horse Boy Method really works. When this is combined with the already proven Equine Assisted Learning model that EquiTeam Support Services currently utilizes, the joint program offers limitless success.