Our Staff

Our Human Staff

Executive Director

Ellie Williams, MS, NCC, LPC, BCPC

Ellie earned her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Shippensburg University, PA, where she graduated with honors and was President of the National Honors Society, Chi Sigma Iota. Ellie achieved certification through the National Board of Counselors and completed her licensure requirements in 2010 to become a Board Certified Professional Counselor.

Ellie had nine years of child welfare experience prior to becoming the Executive Director of EquiTeam Support Services in 2007. She is ADVANCED-certified in EAGALA Model Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy/Learning (EAP/EAL), an EAGALA Military Services Provider, EAGALA Mentor and a certified Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Practitioner.

Our Equine Staff

The horses are an integral part of the EquiTeam therapeutic team. The horse is amazingly perceptive and gives the client an immediate reaction to any situation. The client’s reaction to the horse and its reaction to the client demonstrate how to better communicate and interact with others to accomplish personal goals.

Adrian Messinger (“Messy”)

Adrian Messinger (“Messy”)

Messy has returned to EquiTeam after a wonderful riding career. He was a riding and therapy horse many years ago before heading to a wonderful family who rode and foxhunted him for years. Now that he is at retirement age, the family contacted EquiTeam to have him return and live out his life here. We are so excited to have Messy back. He has the most velvet nose you have ever felt and has the kindest disposition.



EquiTeam’s golden lady – Audi – is making a splash in her career as a therapy horse. She spent a lot of her life as a riding school horse and although she enjoys the occasional ride, she really connects with our clients (big and small) from the ground. She loves to be brushed and have her hair braided and gives wonderful hugs.

Bulletproof (“Bullet”)

The newest equine staff member, Bullet, is nothing like his name might portray! He is a 14-year-old Quarter Horse and came to EquiTeam from New York after a long career showing and teaching children to ride. His allergies led him to his new vocation as an equine therapy horse. He is the strong, quiet type with a huge heart who gets along with everyone. Bullet has lots of love to give to all that spend time with him.

Chipper (“Chip”)

Chipper is one of EquiTeam’s miniature horses and is like a big man in a little body. Although he is already in his 20’s, his kind eyes and loving personality don’t show his age. EquiTeam rescued Chipper approximately five years ago. He had been poorly cared for and was extremely underweight, yet you would never believe it looking at his waistline now. We brought Chipper home right away to give him a safe and happy home. Not only is Chipper the mascot at EquiTeam, he does tricks. He also gives the best kisses and hugs.

Highlands Ashton (“Ashton”)

Ashton is a beautiful dapple grey 14.2hh Welsh/Thoroughbred Cross. He is the youngest member of our equine team and enjoys getting to know everyone. He is sometimes a little shy and often worries when things move too quickly, yet he is honest and kind. Ashton enjoys a nice scratch behind his ear and his dinnertime!

Jack (“Jack Jack”) and Rocky

Jack and Rocky are two black and white miniature horses that came to EquiTeam together in the Spring of 2019. His former mommy wanted Jack and Rocky to have a purpose in helping children, families, adults and veterans through challenges that they may face. Jack and Rocky come as a pair as they are rather attached to each other, however they enjoy spending time with the other horses and the clients we serve.


PossumPossum is a beautiful older horse that had a long riding career. He retired from his riding career a few years ago and had been hanging out in a large field with some friends since that time. Because of his wonderful disposition and heart of gold we asked if Possum could come to EquiTeam to start a new career as a therapy horse. He loves having a new job and is picking up on his role as a therapy horse quickly.


SilverSilver has had many jobs throughout his career – one being a riding pony for one of EquiTeam’s very own equine specialists many years ago, when she was a child herself. He is an older pony now and has been retired from being ridden however he loves being around the clients and is thoroughly enjoying his time here at EquiTeam. He will do anything for a peppermint, or any horse treat for that matter. He is a little guy with a huge heart.

EquiTeam Equine Staff

Our Board of Directors

Board President

Chris Hamilton
Founder of EquiTeam Support Services
1200 South Pleasant Avenue
Dallastown, PA 17313
(717) 244-8994


Marian Hamilton
Co-Founder of EquiTeam Support Services
1200 South Pleasant Avenue
Dallastown, PA 17313
(717) 244-8994


Matthew Williams
Advantage Engineers
910 Century Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
(717) 215-4817

Board Members:

Mr. Steven Jenson
York, PA

Mr. Justin Kunkle
Etters, PA

Mrs. Diane Merino
York, PA

Mr. Daniel C. Scott
Freeland, MD

Carol Wagman
York, PA

Ms. Amy Weaver
Spring Grove, PA

Ms. Kimberly V. Yanavitch
York, PA