2019 Therapy Horse of the Year

Bulletproof was awarded the 2019 PA National Horse Show Foundation Therapy Horse of the Year!

A 14 year old American Quarter Horse named “Bulletproof,” spent most of his career in New York State giving lessons and showing on the hunter/jumper circuit. He has been very versatile performing his therapeutic duties with EquiTeam Support Services for the past 3 years, helping children, youth, families and Veterans. A visiting autism expert encouraged one of our non-verbal, autistic clients to push beyond the normal routine. Having a non-verbal autist work without guidance is extremely difficult. Thanks to the amazing Bullet, this young lady can now saddle up, ride and un-saddle all on her own with no leaders or side-walkers!

Always the first choice of riders at EquiTeam, Bullet is also an integral part of the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program, giving insurmountable support to veterans working through combat trauma as well as helping parents & children learn and build appropriate relationships. During a particularly memorable session, he quietly ‘guarded’ a miniature horse from another more aggressive horse in the paddock. He did so quietly with ears back giving a warning without any quick, hostile or combative movements. This helped clients identify how important it was to have a ‘parent’ (Bullet) that cares for and protects you from the ‘bad man’ (the aggressive horse).

Bullet and the whole crew at EquiTeam are proud to be the PA National Horse Show Foundation Therapy Horse of the Year because he is our Horse of the Year each and every day!