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"Horses have taught me it doesn’t matter what people think about me and we all get frustrated, anxious and nervous at times and there are ways to deal with that."

EquiTeam Support Services® Programs

No client or their situation is ever the same. Here at EquiTeam we constantly think outside of the box and will tailor individual treatments to suit your needs’.

EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy - for individuals, families, children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties in the home, workplace/school and community settings.

EAP assists with a multitude of issues including but not limited to: anxiety, AD/HD, behavioral issues, bullying, child abuse/neglect, communication problems, depression, disorganized attachment, low self-esteem, poor social skills, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, substance abuse and trauma.

It is the goal of EquiTeam to decrease intrapersonal and somatic distress, create a co-operative interpersonal demeanor, reduce problematic social behaviors and decrease behavioral dysfunction.

Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP) - Specialized treatment for children diagnosed with Reactive Attachment (RAD)

DDP is an integrated method of psychotherapy for the treatment of children and youth who manifest serious psychological problems associated with complex trauma and serious failure to establish secure patterns of attachment. Attachment Issues/ Disorganization stems from: Children with a history of physical, sexual, and/or emotional trauma, childhood neglect, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and repeated placements (foster care, residential facilities etc.) Most of these clients reside in foster homes, adoptive homes and residential treatment centers.

EquiTeams’ DDP specialist will utilize DDP in an office setting and /or when appropriate will combine EAP and DDP methods.


EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Learning - school groups, juvenile probation, residential facilities and organizations.

EquiTeam is successfully using EAL with different groups, tailoring programs to suit the clients’ needs. The debriefing process seeks to bridge the horse activity from the arena back to real life, inviting participants to reflect, analyze and apply new insights.

Below are a few areas that have been our focus in an eight week course:

  • Respect and Attitude
  • Boundaries
  • Choices and Consequences
  • Relationship Building
  • Knowledge and Achievements
  • Confidence and Self Worth
  • Communication and Trust
  • Family Roles

For Program options and cost please contact EquiTeam Support Services

EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Learning - Personal Wellness and Development

With the use of EAL skills and techniques, our horses will help participants seek improved mental/emotional health and wellness.

  • Discover how each participant plays a role in the group/class
  • Develop personal confidence, problem solving and communication skills
  • Create a more efficient, flexible and understanding individual
  • Become masters at thinking "out of the box"

Participants WILL enhance these personal areas:

  • Personal Awareness and Leadership - motivation/empowerment, building trust, problem solving, creative thinking
  • Communication Skills - the communication process, verbal and non-verbal and listening.
  • Team Building - team member roles and responsibilities, identify and attain personal goals, team member effectiveness, working with different personalities
  • Goal Setting - Identify and attain personal goals, how personal and group goals mesh
  • Confidence Building - Overcome fears and embrace challenges, foster new ideas, accept change
  • Recognize the personality traits of others, recognize your own personality traits

For Program options and cost please contact EquiTeam Support Services.

EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Learning - Equine Assisted Learning for children on the Autism Spectrum and their families (Utilizing the Horse Boy Method)

Due to the increasing demand of children on the Autism Spectrum, EquiTeam created a program utilizing "The Horse Boy" method to effectively treat all children on the spectrum. It is the only program offered by EquiTeam that can involve riding (when appropriate) and it is kept separate from all of our other programs.

It is a three stage process that (1) creates the right environment for the child, (2) addresses sensory issues, which in turn allows for (3) perspective taking and academics to be taught from the saddle; our certified back-rider will ride with smaller children, older children will be on a long- line. EquiTeam provides a "yes environment" to address the following three core behavioral domains of children on the autism spectrum: repetitive behaviors, social deficits and language abnormalities.





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