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"Not everything is more complicated than it seems. Sometimes you can just trust and take things at face value."

What is EAL?
Equine Assisted Learning, or EAL, is a hands on experiential process that allows natural interaction between humans and horses. There are endless ways to apply this approach to personal, professional and human development.

People treat horses the way they treat people, and the same communication patterns used to gain cooperation with people are also used with horses. The difference is that the horses always act the way they really feel and people often hide their true feelings. Horses have the innate ability to sense people's true feelings and react to that energy. It is impossible to hide the human soul from the senses of the horse.

EAL helps individuals better understand themselves and others, through participating in activities with the horses and then discussing feelings, behaviors and patterns. The debriefing process seeks to bridge the horse activities from the arena back to "real life", inviting people to reflect, analyze and apply new insights. EAL can help you become a better team player, develop problem solving skills, improve your leadership abilities, communicate more effectively, build healthier relationships and enhance self-worth. It is ideal for children, adolescents and adults seeking to develop the tools and strategies needed to make good choices. A great way to experience the benefits of our programs for those not requiring therapy.

Clients are those seeking:

  • Better understanding of themselves
  • Team building and role definition for families, groups, teams and community
  • Increased self esteem and body awareness
  • Recovery from trauma, loss or substance abuse
  • Improved communication and coping skills

Services Available

  • Group sessions
  • Parent skill building/Training





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